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Why I Love The Web

I came across an intriguing blog post called:

Why I love the web

The author, a company called Webdistortion in Belfast highlighted sixteen things that make the web a joy to be a part of:

  • Self Publishing
  • E-commerce
  • Innovation
  • New Socialism
  • Brand Influence
  • Easier Fundraising
  • Penny Pinching
  • Entertainment
  • Friends & Family
  • Education
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Science
  • News & Journalism
  • Google.

I’d sum it all up in one word.  I love the web because of its Freedom.  The web makes the cost of speech too cheap to meter. It brings the cost of granular learning close to $0.00.  The barriers to participating in the politics, in the media, and in global marketplace have been obliterated.  No longer must you be a corporation, be wealthy, or be politically connected to have a voice.  Today, you only need something to say.  The catch is that that we have been trained to be passive consumers instead of full participants.

As we discover our voices, society must ask new questions.  We must ask ourselves, are we willing to protect the open web through net neutrality?  We must ask ourselves, is a representative democracy relevant in the information age?  Can we accept the responsibility to represent ourselves?  Check out this documentary called US Now which shows how the great disruption called the web is going to change everything.

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