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Infinite Possibilities

Be careful not to discover a career before you’ve discovered yourself.

Morning Prayer's Speech Given at Memorial Church

Memorial Church, Harvard Yard

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to give our dreams a fair shot?

Morning Prayer's Speech Given at Memorial Church


The Student Handbook, Revised.

A Poem


Treat Your Education Like a Toolbox for Change

What problem would you like to solve in the world? What is your vision for the future?


The 50 List

Use your education to explore.


The Discipline of Craftsmanship

It is the artist that creates the market, not the other way around. - Julia Cameron

UC Riverside

Cornel West on Courage

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is indifference.


Are You Microwaving Your Boys?

What the research says about cell phone radiation and fertility.


Unknown Unknowns

How much information filtration is healthy for democracy?

Steve Jobs

Your Time is Limited

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Don't settle.


Future Class

No More Waiting for the World to Change.


Universal Motifs and Web 3.0

Perhaps natural systems can teach us how to organize the coming deluge of data.

Grab the Mic

Why I Love The Web

The Freedom of the web will reshape society in fundamental ways.

8 To Be Great

8 Secrets to Success

What really leads to success? Do it for love, not for money.

The Future is Now

The Future of Work

In the future, work will be transparent, flat, competitive, and on demand.


An Interview with Eric Schmidt

"We're not trying to design the future, we're trying to invent it along the way." - Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google


Why I Love Prezi

Prezi will help you make stunning presentations that reflect your thinking.